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Stress Testing

Is your website or app ready to handle traffic spikes?

Used to assess a system or application’s ability to handle heavy loads, high traffic, or demand situations. We simulate a high-use environment to see how your system behaves and responds to this additional load.


Stress testing is used to identify bottlenecks, points of failure or limitations in a system before launch. This way, we detect and resolve potential issues before they occur in a real production environment and cause system outages or damage.

Stress testing is especially important for:

  • critical systems that operate 24/7, shared environments that host applications from more than one client, and web server, applications and databases that have multiple methods of communication;
  • Businesses that expect seasonal demand spikes or specific events that can generate a sudden increase in traffic, such as product launches or special promotions.

    We have experience in building complete stress flows, from logging in to the platform, validating BFF APIs and backends, finding the main reasons for unavailability or slowness of an application.

    We have our own testing infrastructure, which simulates more than 10,000 concurrent users.


    Our reports are available in real time and online to access test results at the time of testing or even months after execution.

    IT stress testing is an important technique for ensuring the stability and scalability of systems and applications that are critical to business success.


    If you haven’t already stress tested your system or application, contact us now. Don’t let a sudden increase in traffic or unexpected demand hurt your business. Schedule a stress test to ensure your system’s reliability and scalability.

    Remember, your company’s success depends on your ability to handle high loads.

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