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Improve your company’s security maturity with Pentest: recurring tests

Information security is crucial for companies dealing with sensitive information such as: Personal documents, financial, and health information of clients; Confidential information such as business plans, intellectual property, marketing strategies; With the constant increase in cyber threats, it is essential for companies to adopt proactive measures to protect their data. One of the most effective measures is conducting a Pentest. With it, you can gain insight into the vulnerabilities that the company is exposed to and create a plan to address them or implement compensatory controls. It’s possible to enhance your environment’s compliance with LGPD (Brazil’s General Data Protection Law).


Pentest is a technical assessment of the company’s systems, conducted by information security specialists. The objective of Pentest is to identify potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the systems, in order to address them before they are exploited by malicious attackers. Conducting a Pentest brings benefits such as vulnerability identification, protection of confidential data, compliance with regulations, and saving time and money.

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GOLE Experience

We conduct security tests through controlled simulation of attacks specifically planned for the type of business, to anticipate malicious actions. The tools used for Pentest are proprietary to GOLE and are aligned with industry security practices such as OWASP, NIST (SP) 800-115, and OSSTMM. The methodology and scope used in our tests are based on NIST and CEH, which aim to exploit vulnerabilities in technology assets, processes, and people, closely resembling a real attack scenario to assess the security risk associated with these assets.

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Benefits of Applying a Pentest

Security Tests, or Pentests, offer a range of essential benefits for organizations, preventing financial losses, data breaches, and preserving the company’s reputation. Below are some of the key benefits highlighted:

  1. Increased Security Maturity: Identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in systems, applications, networks, or infrastructure strengthens the protection of systems and data against threats, significantly reducing the risk of security breaches.
  2. Validation of Implemented Controls and Effectiveness of Defense Team in Detection and Remediation: Pentests assess the effectiveness of existing defenses by testing intrusion detection systems, firewalls, security policies, and incident response mechanisms. This allows for the identification of weaknesses and adjustments to security strategies.
  3. Compliance with Regulations: For organizations subject to specific regulations such as PCI-DSS or LGPD (Brazil’s General Data Protection Law), Pentests are a vital tool to ensure compliance.
  4. Protection of Reputation: Security breaches can negatively impact an organization’s reputation. Conducting Pentests regularly demonstrates the company’s commitment to protecting the data of customers, partners, and employees.
  5. Cost Reduction: Identifying and addressing vulnerabilities before they are exploited by hackers avoids significant costs associated with security breaches, such as data loss, reputation damage, regulatory fines, and litigation. In summary, Pentests represent a proactive approach to identifying and addressing vulnerabilities, enhancing overall security, and safeguarding an organization’s assets and reputation. Investing in cybersecurity is investing in the future of your company.

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Carrying out a Pentest is an indispensable measure for protecting any company against cyber threats. Contact our team to schedule a technical assessment and protect your data efficiently. Do your Pentest now and improve your company’s security! Protect your digital world! Guarantee your company’s security with our Pentest services. We assess the strength of your web application, infrastructure, APIs and mobile applications to identify and correct vulnerabilities. Don’t leave your security to chance. Fill in the form now and strengthen your digital defenses. Information security is in your hands!

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