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We have a complete monitoring platform for your environments that simulates the flow of business, with real-time alerts, dashboards, daily, monthly and incident reports. You can monitor the relevant metrics for the correct functioning of your systems and receive real-time alerts whenever a problem occurs. Gole, together with its clients, maps out all the elements of your IT infrastructure, from your physical environment to your cloud environment. We create bespoke dashboards according to our clients’ needs, seeking to show the situation of their environments objectively in graphs. This makes it easier to deal with incidents and enables better resource management. Along with the dashboards, we set up alerts that can be sent in real time to various apps and which are essential for avoiding serious incidents and unavailability in your environments.

At Gole we offer you the use of service monitoring at no extra cost for up to 10 hosts. You contact us, we generate a username and password and give you the link and access to register. You then have access to ready-made dashboards, including the SLA Dashboard. You’ll receive important alerts in advance of serious incidents. We’ll hold a meeting with you, also free of charge, to explain it to you. Interested?



We agree with Freitas (2013, p.188) when he talks about Component Capacity Management:

Component Capacity Management: manages, controls and predicts the utilization and performance of an individual IT component. Each IT component has a finite capacity resource that must be monitored and measured, and its data collected, recorded, analyzed and reported to provide service and business capacity information.

Source: FREITAS, Marcos André dos Santos. Fundamentals of IT service management. São Paulo: Brasport, 2013. In this way, we help monitor our clients’ IT components.

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We meet with our clients and make a list of everything that is important to monitor: Servers and Services Systems and Applications Business and flow testing We start implementing the monitoring, making continuous deliveries and validating its functionality.

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When incidents occur that cause significant impacts on clients’ businesses, we meet with them and look for the quickest solution to restore services. We then look for the root cause in order to plan the definitive solution. When we don’t know the cause, we generate actions to find it. All these actions are reflected in the incident report that we send out on the same day as the incident.

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