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We manage your company’s cloud and physical infrastructure, performing operational tasks, resolving incidents, implementing improvements, and providing complete virtual environments. At GOLE, we have solid experience in server management and administration, whether physical or virtual. We can:

  • Provide complete virtual environments for your company - Manage your company’s cloud infrastructure - Manage your company’s physical infrastructure

DevOps has an overarching focus on developing and implementing solutions and maintaining these solutions by integrating the customer-facing and IT areas. SRE’s main objective is to create scalable and highly reliable software systems. SysAdmin has a focus on structuring and monitoring hardware and software infrastructure.

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The Sysadmin professional is responsible for the implementation, maintenance, and monitoring of network assets, such as servers, virtual machines, operating systems, in other words, responsible for the IT Architecture of the company. Learn more about Multicloud and OnPremises Architecture. The Sysadmin also works on security, responsible for controlling access and user privileges on the network. They also work on identifying and solving operational and technical issues. Overall, this professional manages all the technological operations of the company. Being a professional with extensive knowledge in various areas does not mean that all activities are performed by just one person. The Sysadmin needs good management skills not only for network assets but also for team management so that the division of activities occurs in the best way, seeking efficiency and process optimization.

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IT infrastructure is the essential foundation that supports all technological operations of an organization. It encompasses a wide range of physical and virtual components, including servers, networks, data storage, operating systems, virtualization software, and cybersecurity. A robust and well-managed IT infrastructure is crucial to ensuring the availability, performance, and security of the systems and applications that a company relies on to operate efficiently. Additionally, a scalable and flexible IT infrastructure is essential to keep up with growth and changes in business needs, enabling organizations to quickly adapt to new demands and opportunities in the market. Ultimately, effective IT infrastructure is a key element in driving innovation, increasing productivity, and ensuring business continuity in an increasingly digitalized and competitive business environment.

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Relating Infrastructure and Sysadmin

The role of the sysadmin (system administrator) is crucial in managing and maintaining an organization’s IT infrastructure. Sysadmins are responsible for ensuring that all infrastructure components, such as servers, networks, and storage systems, operate efficiently and securely. They play a vital role in installing, configuring, and monitoring systems, ensuring they are always available and functioning as needed. Additionally, sysadmins are responsible for implementing security measures to protect company data and resources against cyber threats. Their experience and skills are essential for solving complex technical issues and ensuring that the IT infrastructure effectively meets the business needs. In summary, sysadmins play a key role in maintaining the integrity and operability of IT infrastructure, ensuring that company operations occur without significant disruptions.

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