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Elasticsearch Experts

We implement and manage Elasticsearch clusters on kubernetes or on dedicated machines, helping with data insertion, querying and analysis, maintaining compatibility between different indexes and providing metrics on integration tools.

We implement in your company a single-node Elasticsearch, clusters or in kubernetes.

“Elasticsearch provides near real-time search and analysis for all types of data. Whether you have structured or unstructured text, numeric data, or geospatial data, Elasticsearch can efficiently store and index it in a way that supports fast searches. You can go far beyond simple data retrieval and aggregate information to discover trends and patterns in your data. And as your volume of data and queries grows, the distributed nature of Elasticsearch allows your deployment to grow seamlessly with it.”


What is the advantage of using ElasticSearch?

Elasticsearch is fast at finding information and can be scalable. It is used for several types of search, here we list some of them:

  • Search in application
  • Website search
  • Business search
  • Logging e analítica de log
  • Infrastructure metrics and container monitoring
  • APM (Application performance monitoring)
  • Analysis and visualization of geospatial data
  • Security analytics
  • Business data analysis
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    You can configure Elasticsearch on single-node, clusters or kubernetes.

    See our solution Data Lake.

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