• Development of APIs and microservices

We develop your APIs and microservices using the best practices and technologies, designing your platform for large-scale growth. At GOLE, we develop your APIs and microservices using the best practices and technologies, designing your platform for large-scale growth

We ensure that your projects have documentation and that your source code is stored in your company’s account. Thus, we value ensuring that the continuity of your project does not depend on us, eliminating the need to rewrite the code in case of improvements or platform changes.

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API is an acronym in English that stands for Application Programming Interface. As a new service is developed, APIs offer flexibility to make administration, design, and usage more practical. An API bridges the gap between your service and the product without the need to know how the latter was implemented, simplifying development, saving time, and financial resources.

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Microservices are implemented independently and are part of a service or application. They can be updated or changed without affecting the service or application as a whole. They also communicate through APIs. It is possible to develop multiple microservices simultaneously, resulting in time and cost savings.

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The importance of developing APIs and microservices

Developing APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and microservices is essential in modern system architecture due to their ability to promote flexibility, scalability, and efficiency in software development. APIs provide a standardized way for different systems to communicate and share data securely and controlled. This allows organizations to integrate internal systems as well as provide interfaces for external developers to build applications that easily integrate with their services. On the other hand, microservices break an application into independent and specialized components, each performing a specific function. This approach facilitates maintenance, updates, and scalability of systems as each microservice can be developed, tested, and deployed independently. Additionally, microservices enable greater resilience, as a failure in one service does not necessarily affect the entire system. In summary, the development of APIs and microservices is crucial for building more agile, modular, and adaptable software systems that meet the growing demands of businesses and end-users in a constantly evolving technological environment. These approaches promote innovation, accelerate time to market, and improve user experience, becoming essential for business success in the digital era.

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