• Asset Discovery - Mapeamento de Ativos

Asset Discovery is a tool developed for mapping IT assets

In a company, it collects hardware and software information and centralizes it for greater control and visibility of these assets. There is no need to install agents on the devices; the tool is installed on a central device, which can be a general-purpose machine (notebook, desktop) or a server within an organization. This device acts as a hub for collecting information

What is an IT asset?

IT assets are devices that form part of an infrastructure, whether it’s a hardware device such as a switch, workstations, routers or software such as an operating system and applications in general.



Periodic, automated scans are carried out to discover assets, collecting data on the type of device, IP address, status of workstations and other devices connected to the network, as well as allowing predefined actions to be carried out. Information extraction Automatically queries and creates items, triggers and graphs for each device.


Centralization of results

One device is used as the central point for data collection, allowing for a unified and centralized view of the information. Complete reports, autonomy in generating reports for proactive management of the assets connected to your network. The benefits of collecting information on the hardware and software used by the company bring benefits related to the planning and organization of the corporation. Cost reduction * Making effective purchases of resources, buying only what is necessary. * Identifying GAPs and economic risks. * Software updates without compromising licensing. * Regularizing the resources allocated to servers. * Controlling assets.

Reduce costs

Improving processes

Understanding the life cycle of hardware and software. A detailed view of your assets. Planning migrations with precision and expected results. Know the distribution of your equipment Daily view of the company’s entire equipment fleet. Distribution of assets across business units. Location by country, region and address. Risk control Prevent legal conflicts associated with hardware and software licenses. Analysis of unauthorized copies of software. Details of installation sources. Analysis of logs or mission-critical infrastructure components. These are just a few of the benefits that an asset survey can bring to your company.

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Mapping results with Asset Discovery

With Asset Discovery, the IT sector can now manage the lifecycle of hardware and software assets. Simplifying investment analysis and providing visibility of the tools installed in order to achieve compliance in their environments.

The information obtained on a daily basis can be integrated with other company systems or made available to large numbers of users.

Mapping provides insight into software needs, allowing for better negotiations and plans for renewing and updating software.

Reconciling software that is not being used but is still maintained, eliminating unnecessary expenses or new purchases that are not necessary.

Understand the importance of knowing all of your software and hardware assets, identifying the risks your company runs by keeping software that is not legal and achieving efficient corporate governance.

Intended to be part of IT’s business strategy, its objectives are geared towards two main goals.

The first is to reduce costs and legal risks related to software ownership and use, while maximizing end-user responsiveness and productivity.

The second is to provide a complete history of information on your software and hardware assets, making it possible to detect the moment any asset undergoes a change, as well as outdated or insecure assets.

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