• Multicloud and On-Premises Architecture

We architect customized systems and solutions for your needs.

We analyze which resources will be implemented, optimize the solution, and reduce unnecessary expenses. We work with the following tools: Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Linode, DigitalOcean, On-Premises solutions such as Proxmox, VMware, and Microsoft Hyper-V. We work by merging both worlds with automations and customizations, architecting systems and solutions. In addition to these implementations, we participate in projects that blend on-premises and cloud environments, or across different cloud providers, through interconnections and VPNs. IT architecture is responsible for planning, defining, implementing, and supporting technological solutions to optimize a company’s activities, increasing its productivity.

Dividimos a arquitetura de nuvem em dois modos:

First, there are the peculiarities of each cloud, which is the ability to implement specific functionalities of products and services offered by each platform, and leverage them to gain cost, performance, and innovation advantages. An example of this is Amazon’s machine learning modules, which pioneered and showed better maturity than other clouds, or the use of lambda processes, which can be beneficial if well applied but can cause problems if directed to functions that require high response speed. Second, there is the ability to identify items that are common across all clouds, with only the implementation changing. Examples include CDN, certificate generation and buckets, or data persistence in CSI volumes.


Our Innovations

We have knowledge of the most innovative infrastructure and cloud services, aligned with best practices for developing efficient solutions with the best cost-benefit ratio. We offer consulting to identify which of the various solutions available in the market suits your company, whether in MultiCloud or On-Premises environments.


Get to know our infrastructure

We gather information about the activities carried out by your company together with your team, with the purpose of ensuring that the services developed meet your needs, seeking efficiency and effectiveness. We implement cloud solutions from any cloud service platform. We accompany your team to ensure the management, maintenance, and utilization of the services.

Reduce Costs

Get to know our Monitoring and Operational Intelligence

Optimization of Resource Allocation: Strives for the most strategic distribution of IT resources, analyzing which new resources will be implemented, which existing assets and legacy systems can be reused and optimized, thus reducing unnecessary expenses. Ensuring Availability: Aims to ensure that assets are always available, preventing critical failures that could compromise the operation of the company and consequently affect customers. Improving Performance: Aims to identify failures and bottlenecks, making it clear to the teams involved what the points of slowness are and proposing improvements. Provide dashboards to visualize the time between each of the connections of the platform services, ensuring that all stakeholders are aware of the performance of their applications. Enhance the performance of the corporation’s production processes, increasing productivity and automating processes.

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IT Architecture Service Skills

  • Multicloud Knowledge (AWS, Google, Azure, Linode, Digital Ocean, OVH, On-Premises Environments)
  • Container Knowledge (Docker, CRI-O, ContainerD, Podman, LXC, LXD)
  • Container Orchestration (Kubernetes, Openshift, Rancher, Portainer)
  • Automation and Infrastructure as Code Knowledge: (Ansible, Terraform, YAMLs)
  • Security Knowledge
  • DevOps Culture
  • Linux Experience
  • Microservices Experience (Development and Administration);
  • Monitoring Experience (Infrastructure, Virtual Environments, Applications, Services, and Business Workflow)

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