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The Platform is stable and healthy.

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Kubernetes for robust digital application

See how it was possible for Gole to improve Kubernetes, also known as K8s, bringing stability to one of its customers’ platform.

The company

“Founded in 1993 with the mission of connecting people, the MMCafé platform provides a solution for internal communication with its employees. We deliver a secure, complete and modern solution in SaaS format, awarded as one of the best Intranets in Brazil and which is used today by large and small companies, including Large Banks and Financial Institutions, totaling more than 1,000 projects in 23 different countries.”

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The challenge

MMCafé uses an extremely sophisticated environment using the Kubernetes platform and needs a team to help tune the environment, in addition to helping with the separation of this environment and the CI/CD integration of all environments.

The solution

Gole created a whole new process for monitoring the entire environment, to help identify and act in case of incidents, but also to understand the bottlenecks of the environment and thus, provide the MMCafé technical team with data so that they could make various adjustments to the codes to improve performance and reduce the need and consumption of infrastructure.

Dashboards and monitoring alerts were created together, optimizations and improvements in pipelines reducing the “build” time of each version, in addition to support, whenever necessary creating new resources, environments, special VPNs among other activities.

The results

Currently, the structure supports a large number of users, with a very lean infrastructure.

The Platform is stable and healthy. The search for improvements is constant. Without the implementation by Gole, the current infrastructure would cost at least 2.5 times more.

This environment is scalable, that is, when the number of accesses to the MMCafé platform grows, the entire structure grows with it to provide the best service to customers, always maintaining quality.

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