• Ori.gatou Success Story

The company

The company was established in 2019 in Winnipeg - Manitoba, a small province in Canada. Based on gratitude, the name Ori.Gatou comes from the combination of two Japanese words: ORI gami (art of paper folding) and ari GATOU (thank you in Japanese). We are technology enthusiasts. Working with love is our essence and we are very proud to have people who love what they do offering the best of Ori.Gatou to our customers. We offer automation services for companies. We develop and manage IT projects With multiple programming languages, we create websites with responsive layouts. Our products with NFC technology target both individuals and companies with the same goal: innovate with quick and easy access to digital information; reduce the use of paper to help combat climate change.

The challenge

The solution that Ori.gatou found was very innovative, as it made use of unknown tools with little documentation. It was necessary to validate the functionality of this platform, create and configure the Kubernetes cluster containing a range of microservices developed by Ori.gatou and microservices available on the market, ensuring that this cluster met initial needs in terms of cost and test and development environments, as well as supporting large-scale access. And all this in just 4 weeks!

With the delivery of our service, Ori.gatou was able to carry out all tests with customers, guaranteeing the investment to continue with the prototype of its solution. The cluster is healthy, with adequate monitoring and control panels configured

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