• MMCafe Success Case

The Company

MMCafé, a leader in the internal communication sector since its foundation in 1993, offers an innovative SaaS platform that provides a complete solution for companies of all sizes, recognized as one of the best Intranets in Brazil. Widely adopted by large and small organizations, including renowned banks, MMCafé has solidified its relevance in the market.

With over 500 projects implemented in 23 countries, MMCafé is recognized as a leader in the Intranet sector, validated by awards such as IPP, which named it the Best Intranet in Brazil for two consecutive years.

Its global presence and acceptance by renowned companies highlight its position as one of the main Intranet solutions. Recognition from prestigious awards demonstrates the trust and satisfaction of customers worldwide, further solidifying its relevance and authority in the sector.


Ensuring High Availability, Performance, and Security

Build a Kubernetes cluster on Google Cloud infrastructure using high availability resources, following security best practices.

Reducing Costs Without Compromising Performance

Ensure that the Kubernetes cluster has cost-saving features without compromising the environment’s performance.

Implementing DevOps and CI/CD with the Development Team

Collaborate with the MMCafé development team to implement robust DevOps practices, including continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD).

Establishing 24x7 Platform Monitoring

Implement a comprehensive monitoring solution to ensure infrastructure availability and performance 24x7.

The Solution

High Availability Cluster

Our work involved creating a Kubernetes cluster scaled to serve a large customer base, many of whom operate 24x7. We implemented deployment rules and security levels to ensure the stability and integrity of the environment.

CI/CD Pipelines

We improved the performance of the CI/CD flow by reducing build times, standardizing pipelines, implementing automated deployment in environments, and improving integration with branches (trunk-based deployment).


We established a comprehensive monitoring process that operates 24x7, including infrastructure, services, and applications, with custom dashboards and alerts, allowing for quick incident identification and response, as well as understanding environment bottlenecks.

Continuous monitoring provided valuable data to the MMCafé technical team, enabling adjustments to codes that resulted in significant performance improvements and infrastructure consumption reduction. We adopted dashboards and alerts to optimize and enhance pipelines, reducing the build time for each version.

In terms of technologies, integrating Grafana and Zabbix, we continuously monitor the performance of our nodes and virtual machine clusters. We conduct daily performance reviews to obtain real-time insight into the health and efficiency of the infrastructure. Additionally, we develop comprehensive bi-monthly reports and participate in bi-weekly meetings providing detailed insights into trends, anomalies, and areas for improvement. These meetings empower us to take proactive measures to continuously optimize the infrastructure and ensure its optimal operation, aligned with the company’s strategic objectives.


The ability to automatically expand computing resources as needed not only ensures operational stability but also optimizes costs by avoiding resource underutilization or overprovisioning. In MMCafé’s case, Autoscaling was an essential pillar, allowing our Kubernetes cluster to adjust in real-time to users’ varying needs, simultaneously ensuring operational efficiency and agile responsiveness, crucial factors for the success of our platform and continuous customer satisfaction.

Specialized Environments for DEV, QA, PROD

We implemented development (dev), quality (QA), and production (prod) environments for MMCafé, ensuring stability, security, and efficiency. We created a Kubernetes cluster with strict deployment rules and security levels to maintain environment integrity. This approach allowed the technical team to work in a secure and stable development environment, while QA and prod environments were configured to test and deploy new features effectively and securely. This implementation was essential to ensure reliable and high-quality services to MMCafé’s customers.

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