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Our mission is to share knowledge with our partners and customers, creating a climate of constant evolution and learning, improving understanding and developing everyone's intelligence. It's our way of improving the world.

Our goal

We are a team passionate about the mission of improving everyone’s lives, creating solutions and services that are integrated to the needs of our customers. Our focus is to serve you in the best possible way, with great dedication, commitment, transparency and truth.

Our story

Gole was born from the challenge of centralizing quality information for IT areas such as projects, purchasing, operations, networks, technology, field support and help desk.

How to unify information about the status of platforms, transactions, hardware status, software status, inventory data across different platforms and often outdated or non-existent?

With more than 20 years of experience in the IT field, our founding partner and his team built communication modules across platforms, storing information centrally. Our first Data Lake was born!

There were many modules and many platforms that worked, which affected many people from different areas.

The name GOLE comes from a hack for LEGO, that is, pieces, parts that connected form a centralized and functional system for laymen. The mix between Lay and LEGO added together created the Gole (LE (i) GO) GO (i) LE. Simple.

We took our Big Data project to other Latin American countries. We spent three and a half years working on it, and eventually we understood this project by working with various companies.

That’s why we were born in 2021 as Gole Data Connectivity to bring our knowledge to all companies that seek innovation and results. Our values support balanced growth and our goals always seek to be anchored in longevity values.

Our Gole way of being seeks to bring a friendly environment to the companies we work for, seeking synergy in activities and changing everyone’s work environment for the better.

Our values

Moral pillars that guide our company.



Innovation is part of our DNA. We know that innovating is a common activity in our team. We believe that it is through discomfort, restlessness and repudiation of comfort that innovation is born. We are always looking for new discoveries and ways to improve our services.



We are collaborative. We believe that each person contributes to the success of the entire team. And that our team contributes to the success of our employees and customers. How good it is to be part of a multidisciplinary team! This attunement helps us to evolve our relationships with family and friends.



    We are for the work done and we believe that the key to success is to make each task well done means getting closer to the goals. The day-to-day evolution keeps alive the spirit of unrest, and this well directed makes us sure to show that we are not on the right path.



Quality requires in-depth knowledge of robust tools for building solutions. This deepening is a prerequisite in our team. Quality is the fruit of our effort.



    We propose to do a job with dedication, care and excellence. Talent is a quality attributed to people who carry out their activities with dedication, love and joy. Talented people are the ones who turn knowledge into action.



    We respect human beings, animals, nature, the order of life, everything that generates value and brings harmony. We respect what is in harmony with the rules of morals and ethics.

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