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Our services

Technological Capabilities

We have experiences working in all layers of IT. Our strength is in Multiclouds, On-Premise and Kubernetes.

We are Agile

We work with agile methodologies or waterfall models (traditional), we adapt to your company’s project.

We are proactive

We use several tools to monitor our customers’ environment and in case of incidents we act in the shortest possible time.

We collect cases

We are collectors of successful cases, we want to fill our Cases section with the results of our work for client companies.

We at Gole Data Connectivity understand your company’s needs and create the best solution for your physical and cloud environments. We use innovative and renowned tools and methodologies, delivering quality to our customers and users, in addition to reducing IT costs. We seek to maintain a pleasant atmosphere based on transparency and truth, maintaining good relationships with our clients’ team members, focusing on serving them in the best and most efficient way possible.

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Our Solutions


“After defining the front-end and back-end developers, the next step was to deal with the DevOps and infrastructure part. We met Maurício and the Gole team through a Brazilian DevOps community, and it was an instant fit. They accurately understood our needs, and immediately added value, enhancing the planned architecture with their expertise and imparting that “startup spirit” that a fast-paced project like this required. And they delivered: completing the project in less than half the time it would normally take for something of this scale. We started what appears to be a profitable and long-term professional relationship for both parties!”

Imagem da Rosana Iwasaki
Rosana Iwasaki
Co-founder and CEO
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“Gole positively impacted our company with its Kubernetes expertise.”

Imagem da Rosana Iwasaki
Absalón Opazo
Deputy Manager of Architecture, Infrastructure and Security
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“Every time I needed assistance from the Gole team, I was promptly responded to, and the solution was presented with extreme agility, friendliness, and efficiency. I have a deep and sincere admiration for the services provided by Gole. This includes the freedom to openly discuss all presented solutions; therefore, I have nothing to add for improvements.”

Imagem da Rosana Iwasaki
Marcio Camargo
Full Stack Developer
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“We are very pleased with how your company is services have positively impacted ours. The team is availability to handle urgent demands has been crucial to our operation. On several occasions, when faced with unexpected challenges, the team has been readily available to help us efficiently resolve issues, which has had a direct impact on our ability to meet our customers needs.”

Imagem da Rosana Iwasaki
Adriano Silva
DevOps Analyst
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“Gole helped us structure our Kubernetes environment by creating a highly available and easily manageable setup. This allows us to focus our efforts on the evolution of our services and our clients.”

Imagem da Rosana Iwasaki
Sergio Souto
Technical Leader
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“Gole created an entirely new monitoring process for the entire environment to help identify and respond to incidents. Additionally, it aimed to understand the bottlenecks in the environment, providing the MMCafé technical team with data to make various code adjustments for improved performance and reduced infrastructure consumption. In collaboration, both teams made optimizations and enhancements to the pipelines, reducing the build time for each version. The platform is stable and healthy, with an ongoing pursuit of improvements. Without the implementation by Gole, the current infrastructure would have a cost at least 2.5 times higher.”

Imagem da Rosana Iwasaki
Eduardo Pires
Comercial Director
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